The Pup Social is a comfortable and safe social gathering for Pups, Owners, Sirs, Masters, Mistresses, Handlers, Trainers, Boss' and those inquisitive about pup play!

We provide a safe place for pups to meet, bark and play or 'mosh out' with padded mats to protect knees. We have a good selection of squeakies, tuggies and balls - you're welcome to bring your own favourites though!

It's a perfect opportunity to meet others, make connections and find out more about the growing pup scene in and around the UK. Get to learn about the diverse range of experience and pups already part of the social, Pup Social is ideal for seeing and learning what it's all about!

Backed up with an online social network, Pup Social is a safe space for pups to chat, swap pics and connect before, during and after the events around the country and the world

The Socials

Male Only

The male only event is our most popular and longest established Pup Social, filled with all the stuff we know and love about Pup Social It's a comfortable, safe and free social gathering for male / trans male Pups, Owners, Sirs, Handlers, Trainers, Boss' and the inquisitive, held every other month - that's 6 a year!! Sexual orientation doesn't matter, however you must identify as male / trans male and be 18 or over on the date of the event What matters is that you have fun and get the chace to meet and interact with other pups in a safe environment


Pup Social Mixed is just like our regular bi-monthly Pup Social, but during mixed, we've opened our doors to female pups, Mistresses, Handers, Trainers, and inquisitive ladies All the normal Pup Social activities and events happen during mixed, but this event is to help give a new chance for females to join our social event, and maybe teach some of our male pups some new tricks


Pup Social Ignite is our awesome new social held wherever you want! You can hold a mini-Pup Social in your local area, whether it's a small group of pups in a venue or a big gathering at a theme park! Pup Social Ignite is there to help you connect with other pups around the UK, and make our community even stronger! You'll even have a member of the Pup Social team supporting you out along the way!