These rules are effective from 08:00 Sunday 1st January 2017.

These rules apply to the Pup Social events at all current venues. 

  • Our Meet'n' Greet venue is a public bar accessed by mixed gender and mixed orientation patrons and their rules apply to everyone at that venue.
  • The ground floor of Boltz is a male / trans male only venue and their rules apply to everyone at that venue. You are not permitted to use any of the sexual facilities if you have not completed your reassignment process. The first floor is a private area with exclusive Pup Social access for all genders dependant on the event (mixed or male only).

You can reserve one wristband per attendee on the website in advance. This will be on the event entry on You must present your wristband reservation and pay the current fee on the reservation per wristband to gain entry to the Pup Social Exclusive area at the first-floor entrance. A reservation ticket without a wristband will not gain you entry to the Pup Social space. Wristbands are not transferable and are non-refundable.

All bags to be checked in to the venue coat check or locker – no unattended items in the venue please.

Be yourself. Respect the space. Everyone is welcome.

Be Yourself:
1. Wear the pup gear of your choice that reflects the kind of pup you are. So long as it does not hurt others, we welcome you just as you are.

2. Gear up on your own terms. We ask that you keep your genitals covered out of respect for the others in the venue. Harnesses & Jockstraps are common to many fetishes and are allowed at any time. Plug tails may also be worn, but please don't touch another pup's plug tail without permission, or insert or remove yours in public.

3. We encourage you to feel sexy in your gear, and sexy means what you feel it means. Full coverage can be just as sexy as partial coverage, and every pup has his own idea of sexy. You be you.

Respect the Space:
1. Boltz has separate spaces for separate activities, and their rules always apply since the venue belongs to them and the venue has its own rules that we must abide by. Treat the club, its staff and other patrons with respect.

2. The upstairs area is designated for socialising, eating or drinking, puppy play, and general use, and this is the area we like to keep neutral, safe and social. The downstairs area is designated and licensed for sex, and has various sexual facilities including the dark rooms. Pup Social only secures the area upstairs only, whilst the area downstairs is not ours and is open to the public.

3. If you'd like to use the facilities downstairs, you are welcome to. See the door staff at Boltz to buy a wristband at their normal admission charge, and you're welcome to enjoy the full facilities of the club. This rule applies to any member of the public who wishes to come in and enjoy the downstairs facilities*.

4. If you don't want to use all the facilities downstairs, just the bar, you don't have to pay for them. Your Pup Social wristband from us admits you allows you full use of only upstairs and access to the bar downstairs. The public doesn't get access to come upstairs, as this is reserved for Pup Social only.

5. If you wear a plug tail or a jock please make sure that you are ‘clean’. Anyone found leaving residue will be asked to clean it up.

All Are Welcome:
1. Your pup friends are your community. Treat all others with kindness and respect. Make others feel welcome and comfortable, whoever they are and whatever their inclination. They are your fellow pups and friends.

2. Some pups will be new, or nervous, or uncertain of themselves. Make them feel especially welcome, and make them feel that they're part of the community. Treat them, as you would others, with compassion.

3. Pup means different things to different people. You'll meet others for whom pup means something very different to what it means to you. And that's ok. Respect those differences and get to know one another, and you may even discover something you like.

4. Nobody likes to be shamed for who they are. Treat your fellow pups, even if they're very different to you, as you'd like to be treated. You may agree to disagree, and that's ok too, but treat all as you would have them treat you.

5. We the team will do our best to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone to have fun in. We may not always get it right, but we will always do the best we can. Be patient with us, and if there's something we can do better, let us know and we promise to try.

*All over 18 years old are welcome, regardless of anyone’s history with The Pup Social. The Male only event entry is open to those that identify as male. Only males and trans males that have completed reassignment process can use the full boltz facilities. Pup Social mixed entry is open to anyone over 18 years old. The age restriction is set by the venue. We and the venue reserve the right to refuse admission or remove you from the event if you are causing nuisance to others.

These rules apply to the first floor exclusive area only:

  1. No Sex or Sexual acts - We also do NOT allow edge play. This includes but is not exclusive to; knife play, scarification, piercings, branding, breath control, needles, scalpels, staples, medical play, sounds, catheters, water sports, fire, rape play and extremes of BDSM


  1. Be aware of Conversation subject matter - Please be respectful of others around you, especially in earshot, or leave that for when you are away from the Pup Social event and Venue. What happens outside of the exclusive area stays outside the exclusive area


  1. Wrist bands - If you attended the Pup Social you must wear the wristband you are checked in with at all times and try to keep it visible.


  1. Photography/Recordings – For us to be able to observe and respect individuals privacy No photography or recordings on any devices or by un-appointed photographers inside the venue. These are the venue rules.


  1. Respect - Respect our venues, each other, people & their possessions and the pup social event & team.


  1. Dress code - We expect our attendees to be sensible and dress appropriately for the Pup Social event venue and stage of the event / time of day - civilian wear or fetish gear. No full nudity.


  1. Tails / Bare butts - If you wish to wear a plug tail or bare butt, ensure your cleanliness for the hygiene & safety of others. 
  1. Look after your Pup - Do not leave pups unattended. Unaccompanied pups attending the Pup Social need to remember their limits and behave in a respectful manner (as if they had an Alpha, Owner, Trainer, Boss, Master or Mistress present).


  1. Medical conditions - If you have a medical condition that may affect you or others at the social, please make us aware before attending or upon arrival at an event.


  1. Alcohol / Liquid intake - While you are able to use the on-site bar at the venues, we ask you that you drink responsibly. This includes water & soft drinks to keep you hydrated when pupping out or moshing. No drinks are allowed to be consumed in the venue that have not been purchased from the venue.


  1. Drugs - The Pup Social and Boltz Club Birmingham have a strict zero tolerance anti-drug policy. If you require prescription medication please ensure that you keep it safe. If you require this medication while at a Pup Social, please ensure that the host / organiser / a staff member is aware of your medical condition. If you are seen or caught at the Pup Social or its venue with illegal drugs, including non-prescribed prescription medication you will be permanently banned and possibly reported to the police.


If you are specifically attending a Pup Social event indicated by purchasing a wristband reservation, you agree not perform or partake in sex acts or acts of a sexual nature in the exclusive Pup Social area of the venue. By purchasing a wristband you agree to be bound by the event terms & conditions and rules. The above rules do not supersede the venue rules or local laws and ordinances.

Anyone in breach of these rules will be warned and/or removed from the event, temporarily or permanently. You will have any exclusion period and the reason(s) explained to you why we are taking any course of action.