Why do we ask for donations?

Up until the end of 2016 Pup Socials (all of them) have been free for all to attend. We have mostly been funded by members of the pup social team, but we need support from the people who come to our event too, you! If we fail to get donations, we will have no choice but to introduce a £10/15 paid ticket next year with concessions only for people in exceptional circumstances.

We have monthly recurring costs such as web hosting, domain names, storage unit for all the stuff, software licensing, cloud storage, consumables like balloons, smoke fluid etc, replacing mats as an when they wear out so we always have good support for your knees. They're all little costs but they all add up.

Pup social costs about £160-£200 a month to run. If you take away the money raised through donations and raffles etc from the cost, there is still a chunk that needs to be paid for. This comes out of the teams pockets (Usually BossBears).

We want to be able to offer a safe fun play environment but we cannot do that with extra help.

So a huge Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Pup Social.

There are several ways you can make a donation to support us

1) Papery stuff - if you would like to make a cash donation at the social, please speak to a member of the Pup Social Team, preferably Silver the gorgeous door pup, after he has checked you in and issued you your wristband. There will also be 2 donation buckets for any notes or change at the door and on the bar.

If you have a couple of quid left over from a round, think of it as buying a drink for Pup Social *licks*

2) Direct through PayPal - if you login to your PayPal account and click "Send money", use the email address Donate@pupsocial.co.uk, choose the "friends and family" option, click next and then the rest should be pretty simple - you can do this on your mobile

3) Bank transfer or Standing Order - log into your chosen bank account

Select "transfer" or whichever method you wish. You must put down the reference number as that bit directs it to the Pup Social account

From the payee options chose PayPal
Sort Code: 23-52-62
A/c number: 98675767

You can also use those details to set up a standing order with your bank if you wish to make a monthly donation.

4) Debit or credit card donation - you can do this through this link

Click Here

Thank you so much for supporting us. We basically couldn't run the events, the website and other projects without the support of the community


The Pup Social Team